Innovative cup & bottle holder

An innovative, efficient and durable cup & bottle holder for festivals, concerts and sport events.

cup keeper - full size capacity

Looking for a way to transport drinks without spillage?

99% of party goers spill their drinks before taking the first sip.

If you ever went to a festival, music concert, sport event, or sponsor campaign, you know what a pain transporting drinks can be. The crowd is everywhere, someone bumps into you, and drinks get spilled all over the place. No issue if you aren’t in a hurry, but when your favorite artist or football player is performing, you would like to enjoy the most, and spill the least.

Meet The Original Cupkeeper USA

You deserve a better event experience. 


With the Original Cupkeeper, you can carry up to 10 drinks in one hand, or 20 in one go. The innovative product design keeps the drinks balanced and enables you to experience the event like never before. Get served fast and clip it to your belt when finished.

open cup keeper


The Original Cupkeeper is made of food-grade polypropylene. It is fully recyclable, durable and reusable for many years.


The Original Cupkeeper is an excellent alternative to cardboard carrier waste. During events, festivals or sport events the cardboard cup holders get dumped on the festival meadow – The Cupkeeper helps to keep the event clean and is 100% recyclable.

USA - open - 3D

Limited Edition Design

We have created a brand new design for carrying both cups and bottles: 10 drinks in one hand! This is our first introduction in the US market. We have created a limited edition design for the USA only.

See it in action

This is what The Original Cupkeeper looks like:

How you can help us

Much of the risks and challenges have already been overcome for the Original Cupkeeper, as it has been successfully launched in Europe for over 3 years. To introduce this unique US design in the market we have to finance the molds for production. The main challenge we face today is knowing how many we need to order for the initial large production run. In order to offer you guys this unique cup & bottle holder at an affordable price, we need to produce a minimum of 10.000 pieces. Through Kickstarter we can also measure the US interest for our new product. And if it is successful we will also introduce our other Cupkeeper versions, which we already sell in Europe.

Risks & Challenges

There are no risks given that the CAD model of the cup & bottle holder is ready and we have produced high-fidelity prototypes. Moreover, we have a qualitative and reliable manufacturer. First we will produce the molds, test the functionality of the cup & bottle holder and finalize the molds. Then we will be ready for mass production to deliver to the US market.

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