3 Simple Tips: How to start Eco-Branding your Sustainable Event

Festivals can make a major contribution to reducing the environmental impact. As a festival organizer, you have a huge reach to look for ways to stimulate awareness and change among visitors and employees. Read about our ideas and tips for preventing waste at festivals, waste separation and recycling on sustainable events.

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Recognizing the problem, seizing it as an opportunity.

Festivals start to use personalized products that persuade and influence thousands of people for the good all at once. Their eco-friendly policies during the festival have already been an eye opener for many people. They spread their belief and brand awareness by addressing the problem, and seizing it as a marketing opportunity. They encourage people to become a part of the movement – to care about our planet enough to save it – while ensuring their brand (or the brand of the sponsor) to become part of the unforgettable experience.

Eco-Branding your Event: 3 Simple Tips

The number of ‘green’ events is increasing. However, during the majority of festivals, the people still sip on their drinks in single-use plastic cups and eat in paper or plastic plates. This is the type of waste that can be easily avoided.

1.  The use of eco-friendly cup holders

At the Original Cupkeeper we have designed a personalised & affordable solution to reduce cardboard and plastic waste during festivals. The Cupkeeper allows people to carry their drinks in bulk, reducing the need for cardboard beverage carriers and hereby preventing countless trees from being cut to produce the material needed for cardboard cup holders

The Cupkeeper is profitable for many reasons: 

  • The beverage consumption volume rises (shorter waiting times during the brakes of concerts, festivals or sport events as the fans can carry 12 to 20 drinks in one go). 
  • Their reusable and recyclable nature ensures that cardboard cleaning costs are avoided.
  • The product can be sold at all bars.

Additionally, the Cupkeeper serves opportunities for branding & customization. Branded Cupkeepers add a fun and personal touch to your festival. Even more than reusable cups, the fans take the Cupkeepers home as a souvenir and gadget, to reuse it for many years.

For more info visit originalcupkeeper.com

2.   Reusable cups

Instead of opting for single-use paper or plastic cups, waste management would be much more efficient when personalized and reusable festival cups or bottles are used. Reusable cups or pet-bottles will not only reduce the amount of plastic waste that will go on to polluting our planet, but it could also act as a souvenir of the festival – as the personalised, branded cups could be taken home by the end of the day.

The investment for reusable festival cups tends to be more expensive than cup holders, as 6 or 7 cups have to be provided per festivalgoer.

3.   The use of renewable packaging materials

Perhaps one of the easiest steps that corporations or organizers can take is to avoid plastic packaging materials or paper. Instead of creating tons of waste, opt for the more sustainable option. Make use of renewable materials that do not leave waste, but serve as raw materials for new cycles or that are completely recyclable, drinkable or edible.

Start to Market Sustainability​ with The Original Cupkeeper

Over the course of time we have really started to understand the degree of environmental pollution we humans have caused. This hard reality has encouraged more people to be aware for non-recyclable plastic waste, or for the use of eco-friendly solutions to live more sustainably. We thought of new ways to help. We designed the Original Cupkeeper aimed to promote environmentally friendly practices AND to increase brand awareness of our customers. Win-win
We see a future in which events can be organised completely independently from non-recyclable plastic and therefore from fossil fuels. We encourage organisers and festivalgoers to consume in a new way and to make use of smarter materials.
  The smallest of change that you incorporate within your event will have the most profound effect imaginable. Try opting for things like reusable cups or festival cup holders like the Original Cupkeeper – which will increase brand awareness, transform the atmosphere during your festival, and the way drinks are served. These simple solutions are affordable, good for the environment, efficient and convenient to use.   So with that in mind, were these tips on effective waste management helpful to you?


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