Making the eco-friendly choice easy.

Our dear planet deserves the best care from us.

The Original Cupkeeper has worked to make events greener since 2017. Our aim has always been to offer a product that is eco-friendly without sacrifice.

People often associate eco-products with poorer performance; and sometimes they’re right. But that almost never leads to wide adoption.

We believe a in different approach: make a product that’s not only eco-friendly, but better as well.

Our Cupkeeper embodies this ideal and is steadily overtaking wasteful cardboard cup holders at large events.




We are...

A small team with big goals

We’ve made a product that works. Now we want to spread its positive impact.

Belgium based

Making events greener across the globe.

A force for good

Organizations make change happen. We want our change to make the world a better place.

Our values

The impact our company has on the world matters a lot to us.


Our planet with its natural resources is our most valuable asset. It’s vital to keep those resources available for generations to come.


All change starts with people. That’s why we strongly believe in giving people opportunities to contribute and thrive.

Organizational Efficiency

Making the eco-friendly choice easy also means the price needs to be right. So we always strive to make good use of our resources.

Our beloved Cupkeeper

The first real Cupkeeper hit the market in 2017, immediately recognized by Belgian festival Rock Werchter as an excellent alternative to cardboard cup holders. Reducing clean-up, boosting efficiency and sales and providing an elegant eco-branding opportunity, all while effectively reducing cardboard waste.

We’ve come a long way since then, spreading our positive impact while consistently improving our product. Now we have 4 variants to accommodate all cup sizes and even bottles.

The right material also matters. We rely on a dedicated R&D department to find the best materials, so our Cupkeepers remain as eco-friendly and affordable as possible.

Customer Story

Rockwerchter 2019

Koen Scholiers

(Live Nation Belgium)

Until five years ago we used cardboard trays. But festivalgoers threw these away.

Thousands of cardboard trays had to be cleaned up, separated from festival cups and finally recycled.

The Cupkeeper has been an excellent alternative:

  1. The Cupkeeper is not left behind since fans like the product and the Rock Werchter branding on it.
  2. The Cupkeeper speeds up the bar handling of drinks. Festivalgoers take six festival cups in one hand (or even twelve beers in two hands).
  3. The Cupkeeper is sold at all bars in RW and the net profit is nice.

Johan Verrue


As an entrepreneur and professor in entrepreneurship, I get excited about opportunities to have a positive impact through business.

It allows me to channel my expertise towards making the world a better place for everyone.

Dean Somers

Digital Strategist

As an organizational psychologist, I’ve always been passionate about the power of entrepreneurship to make a difference.

At Cupkeeper, I get to develop my skills while already making a worthwhile contribution. I couldn’t wish for a better job right now!

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