Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Cupkeeper made of plastic

Today’s bioplastics do not have yet the technical properties that meet the requirements of a durable cup holder. Therefore we use the best available raw material, which is polypropylene. This plastic is very strong, durable, and recyclable.

We are always looking to improve our own sustainable practices, and have recently switched to fully recycled polypropylene from consumer waste! Read all about it in this post.

How many Cupkeepers do I need to order to print my logo?

Given the fixed set-up costs, most customers order a minimum of 1.000 pieces. The printing investment becomes profitable from 200 pieces onwards.

Which Cupkeepers do you have in stock?

For Cupkeepers in your custom PMS color: MOQ 5.000 pieces.

How long will delivery take?
  • From stock (no printing): 3-5 business days
  • From stock (pad printing): 10 business days
  • From stock (digital printing): 15 business days
  • Make To Order (MOQ 5000 pieces): 4-5 weeks
How can I personalise my Cupkeeper?

From 100 – 200 pieces onwards you can print one or two logos on the handle of the Cupkeeper. The Cupkeepers in stock has black or white as the base color. For large orders (> 5.000) you can order Cupkeepers in any base color.

Other Questions?

Feel free to contact us.
We’re happy to help!

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