Reusable, Personalized & Eco-friendly Cup Holders

The Cupkeeper’s registered designs fit all current cup sizes

Small Cupkeeper

Enjoy your event with a touch of sustainability using our Small Cupkeeper, the ultimate foldable and recycled cup holder for easily transporting multiple drinks.

  • Reusable cup holder for six cups of 18-33cl / 7-11oz
  • Made from recycled PP

Combo Cupkeeper

Better suited for events with a bigger range of cup sizes, yet made with the same impressive features and eco-friendly materials.

A bigger version of our Small Cupkeeper, the Combo Cupkeeper is able to carry bigger cups alongside small ones.

  • Reusable cup holder for six cups of 35-55cl / 12-19oz
  • Made from recycled PP


Ideal for seated events or events that only serve pints or bigger cups.

The Pintkeeper leaves smaller cups behind, and instead snuggly fits even the biggest of cups, thanks to its open ring design. The open rings also keep those large cups more stable, significantly reducing the risk of spills.

  • Reusable cup holder for six cups of 40-65cl / 15-22oz
  • Made from polyamide and recyclable polypropylene

Bottle & Cupkeeper

For events that also serve PET bottles, we have our Bottle & Cupkeeper.

On top of 5 cups, it’s designed with hooks to securely snap in an additional 5 bottles. It combines flexibility with maximum capacity by allowing a whopping 10 drinks in one hand.

  • Reusable cup holder for five cups of 35-55cl / 12-19oz
  • And 5 bottles of up to 50cl / 17oz
  • Made from recyclable PP
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