Eco-friendly Cup Holder for Festival Cups

The original Cupkeeper

"an excellent alternative to cardboard waste"

Sustainable event solutions

why choose the original cupkeeper


Selling the Cupkeeper at your event, festival or music concert is profitable even if the organizer pays the full costs.

The Cupkeeper eliminates cardboard related cleanup costs, and can be reused for many years.


The Original Cupkeeper is is a reusable and recyclable solution for the waste of cardboard beverage carriers.

It is made of food-grade polypropylene and is not left in the stadium, event or festival.


Personalised Cupkeepers serve as a must-have gadget of the fan's favorite team, festival or artist.

We provide ample logo printing options for direct and sustainable publicity.

See it in action

Cup holder for festival cups, pints & pet-bottles

Best practice
for sustainable events

12 to 20 Cups in one go

Easy to use

Efficient Bar Handling

More sales

Must-have Gadget

Direct publicity

Cupkeeper Cupholder for Festival Cups. Branding, Marketing Rock Werchter

Reduce Cardboard waste


Reuse For many years

Durable & Robust

Recycle Polypropylene

Food-grade materials

get served fast, the with cupkeeper

improve, sell more

The Original Cupkeeper is designed to improve bar handling efficiency.

Shorter waiting times during breaks of concerts, matches,… result in more beverage sales as the fans can supply their friends with 12-20 drinks in one go.

Sustainable publicity

& Direct Marketing

Our registered designs provide ample logo printing options on the handle. 

As a result we enable your brand to become part of the experience, and a must-have gadget for the fans. 

It is not left behind on the festival meadow or stadium.

See it in action

The original Cupkeeper

Cup holder for festival,
music concert, sport event or sponsor campaign

Available in all colors

Black & White in stock, other colors on demand.

Personalised Marketing Tool

2 Custom logo printing positions for orders > 100 pieces.

Stock Delivery

We ship to all European countries.

Customer Story

Koen Scholiers
(Live Nation Belgium)

Until five years ago we used cardboard trays. But festivalgoers threw these away.

Thousands of cardboard trays had to be cleaned up, separated from festival cups and finally recycled.

The Cupkeeper has been an excellent alternative:

  1. The Cupkeeper is not left behind since fans like the product and the RW branding on it.
  2. The Cupkeeper speeds up the bar handling of drinks. Festivalgoers take six festival cups in one hand (or even twelve beers in two hands).
  3. The Cupkeeper is sold at all bars in RW and the net profit is nice.

Ask For a Personalised Offer

We are happy to help.

50 Cupkeepers

Price per piece

€3,67 €3,58

Total cost: €179,50*

250 Cupkeepers

Price per piece

€2,49 €2,29

Total cost: €572,50*

1000 Cupkeepers

Price per piece

€2,09 €1,99

Total cost: €1990,00*

*VAT excluded


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