Leading by Example: The Original Cupkeeper’s Latest Steps Towards Greater Eco-Friendliness

Mar 6, 2023

The Original Cupkeeper: Eco-Branding for Sustainable Events

Event organizers have long struggled to find the balance between hosting an amazing event, while doing the least harm to the environment. Let’s not kid ourselves: large events often have negative effects on the environment. Some of these effects are unavoidable. But that makes it all the more important to look for other ways to spare our dear planet further harm. And when event organizers do show up to promote sustainability, their reach can go far beyond the event itself. By stimulating awareness and setting an example, they inspire visitors and employees to do better as well. In the end, that is what eco-branding is all about!

Two Original Cupkeepers - Carry 12 Drinks Easily

An Eco-Friendly Cup Holder for Festivals and Other Events

With that ideal in mind we created The Original Cupkeeper, our eco-friendly cup holder with handle. It is now available across the globe in four variants that hold all current cup sizes. We noticed that cardboard trays at festivals and other large events were often doing more harm than good.

  1. The clean-up costs are huge and, although recycling cardboard sounds like a good thing, it still takes a lot of energy.
  2. In most cases they end in the black waste stream – why? Because it is too expensive to sort them out of that waste. So the large majority of cardboard trays are incinerated.
  3. And, let’s face it, people tend to use them as rather dangerous frisbees after a couple drinks…

In short, we thought we could do better. And, we firmly believe we have. That, however, does not mean that we can’t strive to do even better!

We Value Sustainable Business Practices

As a business that serves eco-friendly products like our Cupkeeper, we need to lead by example. We owe all our current success to organizations like yours, who are willing to invest in a sustainable future. We simply cannot expect such amazing support without continually re-investing in our own sustainable business practices. That is why we are so excited to announce the next step in our own efforts to reduce our ecological footprint. The Cupkeeper already far outweighed its cardboard alternatives in environmental friendliness:

  1. They are reused for many years.
  2. Thanks to their elegant design and beautiful branding, they are seldom left behind.
  3. They are sturdy, but even when they do break after long years of service, they are fully recyclable.

But we wanted to do more…

Recycled Polypropylene: Giving Old Plastics a New Life – as a Cupkeeper!

Now, we are proud to say that we are going full circle. From now on, we will give old plastics a new life as our unique drink holder. We will now produce The Original Cupkeeper exclusively with fully recycled polypropylene from consumer waste. This should leave no doubt: the Cupkeeper offers the most eco-friendly solution of all available cup carriers!

Cupkeeper Pints Open - Reusable Cup Holder For Pints
The Original Cupkeeper: Eco-Branding for Sustainable Events

The Original Cupkeeper, Now Made in Belgium

We are also very happy to announce that our whole production has moved locally. All Cupkeepers are now made right here, in Belgium. That prevents a lot of unnecessary transport. On top of that, it will allow us to ship faster. And finally, we can implement new ideas quicker. We are currently working hard to improve the printing options on our Cupkeepers. And there are, of course, other things in the pipeline that I’m not allowed to talk about just yet… ;)

We are excited to share with you this journey towards a more sustainable future. We know the Cupkeeper is but a small step in moving towards a fully sustainable economy, but we also know that every small step matters. We’re always interested to hear how other businesses are reducing their ecological footprint. Let us know in the comments below: what steps are you taking to become a more sustainable organization?

Moving our production to Belgium and switching to fully recycled materials are just two other examples of the change we want to see in the world. Are you also looking to support that change by making your event more sustainable than ever? Then The Original Cupkeeper is an essential component of your arsenal! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, we are always happy to be at your service.

You can learn more about each of our unique Cupkeepers here or ask for a custom quote with this form. If you need more tailored guidance, feel free to ask for a short video call as well.

Good luck on your journey to become a more sustainable organization and may you have a bright rest-of-your-day!


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