The Original Cupkeeper: Say Goodbye To Cardboard Drink Carrier Waste

Aug 23, 2023

The Original Cupkeeper was a simple response to an obvious challenge at big events, like festivals, concerts, or sports games. Cardboard drink carriers were the norm. While they work to carry multiple drinks and are technically recyclable, they often prove to be more of a burden than a benefit. Not only do they contribute to the growing issue of waste generation, but their disposal and cleanup present significant challenges.

In this article, we introduce you to The Original Cupkeeper, our revolutionary and eco-friendly cup holder that transforms the way drinks are carried at events.

The Challenge – Addressing the Environmental Impact of Cardboard Drink Carriers

It all began with a simple yet profound realization: the prevailing use of cardboard drink holders had become an environmental predicament. While these trays seemed convenient and recyclable in theory, the reality was far from ideal.

As vibrant events drew to a close, the aftermath revealed a daunting task. Thousands of discarded cardboard trays lay scattered, intermingled with other event debris. The prospect of meticulously separating them from the rest of the waste proved to be a considerable effort. Not only did it bring excessive clean-up costs, but many of these seemingly eco-friendly cup caddies ended up in landfills or incinerators despite the intent to recycle.

Driven by a passion for sustainable solutions, we set out to address this pressing challenge. The Original Cupkeeper emerged as a beacon of environmental consciousness, offering an alternative that would transform the event landscape. With our innovative design and unwavering commitment to sustainability, we aimed to revolutionize the way multiple drinks were carried, eliminating the need for wasteful cardboard cup holders entirely.

Join us on this journey as we unveil the remarkable story behind The Original Cupkeeper and the positive impact it has had on events, attendees, and our planet.

It is now easy for event organizers to make the eco-friendly choice when it comes to cup holders.

The Cupkeeper’s Impact: Empowers Change By Making It Easy

We believe all of us share the responsibility of striving towards a way of life that maintains and supports our planet’s health and natural resources. Naturally, we have great respect for each individual doing the work to do a little bit better every day and indeed strive to do so ourselves. But, in the end, we also know that the bulk of the effort has to come from organizations. That is where people come together to make change happen.

Our change may seem simple enough: to make the eco-friendly choice the easy choice. But it’s more than that. Our larger goal is to raise awareness, to open the conversation. Well, I suppose the conversation is very much open these days. We are here to help organizations make a statement. “We’re striving, just like you.” A little bit, every day, from every single one of us – together. That’s what makes change happen.

The Cupkeeper is just one example of how we do both: it is now easy for event organizers to make the eco-friendly choice when it comes to cup holders. And they can use that choice to showcase their commitment to change, inspiring others to join the movement! Or at least to continue the great work they have been doing. ;)

The Original Cupkeeper Advantage: The Unrivaled Cup Holder

At The Original Cupkeeper, we take pride in offering a product that embodies our commitment to the environment.
But of course, there’s more to it than that. Let’s dive into the main benefits our Cupkeeper provides.

1. Engage in Effective Eco-Branding

In today’s eco-conscious world, consumers are increasingly seeking out businesses that prioritize sustainability. By incorporating our Cupkeeper drink caddy into your operations, you showcase your commitment to the environment and attract an environmentally conscious consumer base. People love their Cupkeepers and take them home as souvenirs, becoming walking advertisements for your brand. Imagine the exposure your business can get, not just at your own event but even at other events where your Cupkeeper is proudly used. It’s a powerful way to align your brand with sustainability and demonstrate your dedication to making a positive impact on the planet.

2. Streamline Bar Handling: Enhance Efficiency and Sales

At crowded events, long queues at the bar can be frustrating for both attendees and staff. With our Cupkeeper, bar handling becomes more efficient and streamlined. Attendees can carry multiple drinks in one go, reducing wait times and ensuring that everyone gets their beverages quickly. This improved efficiency not only enhances the overall event experience for fans but also translates into increased sales. By enabling attendees to easily carry more drinks to their friends during breaks, our Cupkeeper boosts drinks sales and drives revenue for your business.

3. End Up With a Net-Profit

The Cupkeeper is not just a functional cup carrier; it is also a revenue-generating opportunity. Bars and vendors can sell our Cupkeepers for a profit, especially when they are branded with your logo or the logo of a sponsor. These personalized eco cup holders become valuable keepsakes for event attendees. By offering the unique drink cup holder for sale, you not only provide a convenient solution for your customers but also create an additional revenue stream for your business.

A Closer Look: The Features That Make our Reusable Drink Carrier Stand Out

Let’s talk about the key features that make our cup holder stand out.

1. Inherently Eco-Friendly

First and foremost, our Cupkeeper is eco-friendly. It’s not just a one-time-use drink holder that ends up in a landfill. Our Cupkeeper is reusable, allowing you to reduce waste and make a positive impact on the environment. Plus, it’s made from fully recycled materials, sourced from consumer waste. So not only are you saving up on cleaning costs and keeping cardboard cup holders out of landfills or incinerators, but you’re also giving old plastics a new life as a functional and stylish drink holder.

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2. Convenient & Efficient

When it comes to convenience, our Cupkeeper has got you covered. It’s designed to fit all current cup sizes, from small to large. No need to worry about compatibility issues – our reusable drink holder is versatile and accommodating. And with its secure and ergonomic grip, your fans can easily carry up to 12 drinks in one go (and up to 20 drinks with our latest Cupkeeper for Cups & Bottles!) It’s perfect for busy event organizers or vendors who want to serve multiple drinks quickly and efficiently.

We’ve also made sure that our Cupkeeper is easy to store and transport. It’s compact and foldable, making it a breeze to pack and take with you wherever you go. You can even attach it to your belt or bag for easy access. Say goodbye to bulky and cumbersome cardboard trays – our Cupkeeper is designed with convenience in mind.

3. Fully Customizable

At The Original Cupkeeper, we believe that sustainability and branding go hand in hand. While our standard black Cupkeeper cup carriers offer the efficiency and eco-friendly benefits, you can take it to the next level by customizing your Cupkeepers to match your brand perfectly.

Choose from a wide range of colors to create a unique and eye-catching design that represents your organization’s identity. Next, showcase your logo or slogan on one (or both) of two spots on the handle. This way, your Cupkeepers become a powerful tool for promoting your brand and eco-conscious values at every event.

Are you looking for additional sponsorship opportunities? Customize your Cupkeeper drink holders with the logo of your sponsor. It’s a win-win situation – you’ll provide your sponsor with valuable exposure, and they’ll help support your sustainable initiatives.

Cupkeeper for Festival Cups Branding, Marketing Rock Werchter

By customizing The Original Cupkeeper, you not only elevate your event’s branding but also ensure that attendees take home a memorable souvenir. As they walk around proudly carrying their personalized Cupkeeper, they become loyal ambassadors for your eco-conscious brand!

So, let your creativity flow and turn your Cupkeepers into a representation of your brand’s commitment to the environment!

Embrace Sustainability with The Original Cupkeeper


Choosing The Original Cupkeeper is more than just a practical solution—it’s a commitment to sustainability. With our cup carrier, you can engage in effective eco-branding, enhance efficiency and sales, and contribute to a greener future.

At The Original Cupkeeper, we’re on a mission to build a greener future by making eco-friendly choices easy and fun. Join us in making a positive impact by reducing waste, promoting sustainability, and inspiring others to follow suit. Contact our team today and elevate your event with The Original Cupkeeper.

Remember, it’s not just a cup holder—it’s a statement of commitment to sustainability. Let’s sip responsibly and leave a positive footprint on the planet with The Original Cupkeeper.


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