Elevate your event experience with the Pintkeeper, a specialized eco-friendly cup holder for six pints. Designed with open rings to open up gracefully as you lift even the largest of cups, minimizing the risk of spills. Perfect for events that only serve large drinks and seated occasions like concerts or sports events.

Additional Details

  • Registered design
  • Open rings give way for large cups
  • Material: polyamide and polypropylene
  • Cup size: 40-65cl / 15-22oz
  • Inner diameter: 72 mm
  • Folds up and attaches easily to bags or pants

The Pintkeeper's Main Features

Going Big?

The Pintkeeper is specially designed to carry even the largest of cups. The open rings adjust to the cups’ size, while also keeping them straight and full.

Sell More In Less Time

It’s hard to drink more than you can carry. Let fans carry as much as they can handle (12 drinks in one go should do the trick, right?)

Two Original Cupkeepers - Carry 12 Drinks Easily

Fold It. Attach It. Reuse It.

The Cupkeeper is a smart gadget that folds up and attaches to any loop (pants, backpacks, purses,…) with ease. It stays out of the way until you need a refill.

Pear-Shape: Simply Beautiful

Elegantly pear-shaped, our registered design steals the show at events—too lovely to leave behind.

Make It Your Own

Fully customize your Cupkeepers! Print your logo and match the color to your brand to create a unique souvenir that your fans can treasure for years to come.

Keep your cups full of joy!

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